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ACAccountStoreMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Social MBS Mac64bit Plugin 15.3 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: The ACAccountStore class provides an interface for accessing, manipulating, and storing accounts.
To create and retrieve accounts from the Accounts database, you must create an ACAccountStore object. Each ACAccount object belongs to a single ACAccountStore object.

Available on Mac OS X 10.8 and later in 64-bit applications.

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Renew Status Codes

Constant Value Description
ACAccountCredentialRenewResultFailed 2 A non-user-initiated cancel of the prompt. Try again.
ACAccountCredentialRenewResultRejected 1 Renewal failed because the user revoked your access to their account.
ACAccountCredentialRenewResultRenewed 0 The account’s credentials have been renewed and are now associated with the account.


Constant Value Description
ACErrorAccessDeniedByProtectionPolicy 10 Due to the current protection policy in effect, we couldn't fetch a credential
ACErrorAccessInfoInvalid 8 The client's access info dictionary has incorrect or missing values.
ACErrorAccountAlreadyExists 5 Account wasn't added because it already exists.
ACErrorAccountAuthenticationFailed 3 Account wasn't saved because authentication of the supplied credential failed.
ACErrorAccountMissingRequiredProperty 2 Account wasn't saved because it is missing a required property.
ACErrorAccountNotFound 6 Account wasn't deleted because it could not be found.
ACErrorAccountTypeInvalid 4 Account wasn't saved because the account type is invalid.
ACErrorClientPermissionDenied 9 Your client does not have access to the requested data.
ACErrorCredentialNotFound 11 Yo, I tried to find your credential, but it must have run off!
ACErrorFetchCredentialFailed 12 Something bad happened on the way to the keychain
ACErrorInvalidClientBundleID 16 The client making the request does not have a valid bundle ID.
ACErrorPermissionDenied 7 The operation didn't complete because the user denied permission.
ACErrorRemoveCredentialFailed 14 Unable to remove credential
ACErrorStoreCredentialFailed 13 Unable to store credential
ACErrorUnknown 1 Unknown error
ACErrorUpdatingNonexistentAccount 15 Account save failed because the account being updated has been removed.

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