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AvahiResolverMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Network MBS Linux Plugin 12.4 No No Yes Yes, Linux only No
Function: The class to resolve service name to IP address.

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  • 2 events
    • event Failure(error as string, errorcode as Integer)
    • event Found(interfaceIndex as Integer, Protocol as Integer, name as string, type as string, domain as string, hostname as string, port as Integer, address as string, txt as string, flags as Integer)
  • 2 properties
  • 3 methods
    • method Constructor(client as AvahiClientMBS)
    • method Destructor
    • method Resolve(InterfaceIndex as Integer, Protocol as Integer, name as string, servicetype as string, domain as string, flags as Integer = 0) as boolean
  • 6 constants

Result Flags

Constant Value Description
kResultCached 1 This response originates from the cache.
kResultLocal 8 This record/service resides on and was announced by the local host. Only available in service and record browsers and only on Found event.
kResultMultiCast 4 This response originates from multicast DNS.
kResultOurOwn 16 This service belongs to the same local client as the browser object. Only available in avahi-client, and only for service browsers and only on Found event.
kResultStatic 32 The returned data has been defined statically by some configuration option.
kResultWideArea 2 This response originates from wide area DNS.

This class has no sub classes.

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