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AVMovieMBS class

Super class: AVAssetMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class AVMovie MBS AVFoundation Plugin 16.0 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: AVMovie represents the audiovisual containers in a file that conforms to the QuickTime movie file format or to one of the related ISO base media file formats (such as MPEG-4).
dim f as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("test.m4v")
dim m as new AVMovieMBS(f, nil)

MsgBox str(m.duration.Seconds)+" seconds."
AVMovie supports operations involving the format-specific portions of the QuickTime Movie model that are not supported by AVAsset. For instance, you can retrieve the movie header from an existing QuickTime movie file. You can also use AVMovie to write a movie header into a new file, thereby creating a reference movie.

A mutable subclass of AVMovie, AVMutableMovie, provides methods that support the familiar Movie editing model; for instance, you can use AVMutableMovie to copy media data from one track and paste that data into another track. You can also use AVMutableMovie to establish track references from one track to another (for example, to set one track as a chapter track of another track). If you want to perform editing operations on individual tracks, you can use the associated classes AVMovieTrack and AVMutableMovieTrack.

You need to use AVMovie and AVMutableMovie only when operating on format-specific features of a QuickTime or ISO base media file. You generally do not need to use these classes just to open and play QuickTime movie files or ISO base media files. Instead, you can use the classes AVURLAsset and AVPlayerItem. If however you already have an AVMutableMovie and want to play it or inspect it, you can make an immutable snapshot of the AVMutableMovie.
Subclass of the AVAssetMBS class.

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Super class AVAssetMBS

Reference Restriction Modes

Constant Value Description
AVAssetReferenceRestrictionForbidAll &hFFFF Indicates that only references to media data stored within the asset's container file should be allowed.
AVAssetReferenceRestrictionForbidCrossSiteReference 4 Indicates that references from a remote asset to remote media data stored at a different site should not be followed.
AVAssetReferenceRestrictionForbidLocalReferenceToLocal 8 Indicates that references from a local asset to local media data stored outside the asset's container file should not be followed.
AVAssetReferenceRestrictionForbidLocalReferenceToRemote 2 Indicates that references from a local asset to remote media data should not be followed.
AVAssetReferenceRestrictionForbidNone 0 Indicates that all types of references should be followed.
AVAssetReferenceRestrictionForbidRemoteReferenceToLocal 1 Indicates that references from a remote asset (for example, referenced via http URL) to local media data (for example, stored in a local file) should not be followed.

Load Status Constants

Constant Value Description
AVKeyValueStatusCancelled 4 Indicates that the attempt to load the property was cancelled.
AVKeyValueStatusFailed 3 Indicates that the attempt to load the property failed.
AVKeyValueStatusLoaded 2 Indicates that the property is ready for use.
AVKeyValueStatusLoading 1 Indicates that the property is not fully loaded.
AVKeyValueStatusUnknown 0 Indicates that the property status is unknown.

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