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CDColorAxisMBS class

Super class: CDAxisMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class ChartDirector MBS ChartDirector Plugin 9.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: The ColorAxis class represents color axes.
It is a subclass of Axis.

A color axis is similar to an x or y axis. However, instead of mapping data values to positions, a color axis maps data values to colors. Color axes are used in CDContourLayerMBS and in CDSurfaceChartMBS objects.

Similar to an x or y axis, a color axis is visually represented as a thin bar that can be horizontal or vertical, and has a scale along its length. The scale can be set explicitly or can be determined by auto-scaling.

If you are using the color axis on a surface chart, please note that by default, the color axis scale is synchronized to the z axis. You need to use CDAxisMBS.syncAxis to cancel the synchronization before you can independently set the color axis scale.

In addition to the scale, a color axis is colored with a continuous color gradient or discrete color steps along its length. This maps the values on the axis with colors.

For an x or y axis, the major and minor ticks correspond to major and minor grid lines on the chart. For a color axis, these ticks correspond to major and minor contour lines on the chart.

Like an x or y axis, you can add marks to the color axis using Axis.addMark. They will become mark contour lines on the chart.

The color axis, if visible, acts as a color legend. The axis stem is a thin rectangle 15 pixels in width, configurable with CDAxisMBS.setWidth. A bounding box can be added to surround the color axis using CDColorAxisMBS.setBoundingBox.

A color axis works normally (determines color mapping and contour levels) even if it is not displayed.
Subclass of the CDAxisMBS class.
This is a subclass of an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

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Super class CDAxisMBS

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