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CKReferenceMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class CloudKit MBS Mac64bit Plugin 16.5 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: A CKReference object creates a many-to-one relationship between records in your database.
Each reference object stores information about the one record that is the target of the reference. You then save the reference object in the fields of one or more records to create a link from those records to the target. Both records must be located in the same zone of the same database.


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Constant Value Description
ActionDeleteSelf 1 The delete action for referenced records.
Deleting a record also deletes any records containing CKReferenceMBS objects that point to that record. The deletion of the additional records may trigger a cascade deletion of more records. The deletions are asynchronous in the default zone and immediate in a custom zone.
ActionNone 0 No action when a referenced record is deleted.
Deleting a parent record does not delete the children that refer to that parent. The CKReference object still contains the ID of the deleted record and is not updated automatically.

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