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DASessionMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Files MBS MacOSX Plugin 13.2 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: The disk arbitration session class from Mac OS X.
Notes: The session manages all the events and operations you may do on disks using Apple's Disk Arbitration framework.

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Claim Options

Constant Value Description
kDADiskClaimOptionDefault 0 Default

Eject Options

Constant Value Description
kDADiskEjectOptionDefault 0 Default

Mount Options

Constant Value Description
kDADiskMountOptionDefault 0 Default
kDADiskMountOptionWhole 1 Mount the volumes tied to the whole disk object.

Disk Options

Constant Value Description
kDADiskOptionDefault 0 Default
kDADiskOptionEjectUponLogout 1 Eject the disk upon logout.
kDADiskOptionMountAutomatic 16 Mount the disk upon appearance.
kDADiskOptionMountAutomaticNoDefer 32 Mount the disk upon appearance, even if no login.
kDADiskOptionPrivate 256 Hides the disk from callbacks.

Rename Options

Constant Value Description
kDADiskRenameOptionDefault 0 Default

Unmount Options

Constant Value Description
kDADiskUnmountOptionDefault 0 Default
kDADiskUnmountOptionForce &h00080000 Unmount the volume even if files are still active.
kDADiskUnmountOptionWhole 0 Unmount the volumes tied to the whole disk object.

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