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DNSServiceBrowseMBS class

Super class: DNSServiceBaseMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Network MBS Network Plugin 5.0 Yes Yes No Yes No
Function: A class for Apple's implementation of ZeroConfig named Bonjour.
This class allows you to browse for services on the local network using Rendezvous.

This class requires Mac OS X 10.3 or Windows (with installed Bonjour support and the dnssd.dll) to work.
Use DNSServiceDiscoveryBrowseMBS if you want to support Mac OS X 10.2.

common error codes:
kDNSServiceErr_NoError= 0
kDNSServiceErr_Unknown= -65537 (=&hFFFE FFFF)
kDNSServiceErr_NoSuchName= -65538
kDNSServiceErr_NoMemory= -65539
kDNSServiceErr_BadParam= -65540
kDNSServiceErr_BadReference= -65541
kDNSServiceErr_BadState= -65542
kDNSServiceErr_BadFlags= -65543
kDNSServiceErr_Unsupported= -65544
kDNSServiceErr_NotInitialized= -65545
kDNSServiceErr_AlreadyRegistered= -65547
kDNSServiceErr_NameConflict= -65548
kDNSServiceErr_Invalid= -65549
kDNSServiceErr_Incompatible= -65551 (client library incompatible with daemon)
kDNSServiceErr_BadinterfaceIndex= -65552
Subclass of the DNSServiceBaseMBS class.

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  • event ServiceBrowse(Flags as Integer, InterfaceIndex as Integer, ErrorCode as Integer, ServiceName as string, RegType as string, Domain as string)
  • method Browse(InterfaceIndex as Integer, servicetype as string, domain as string) as boolean

Super class DNSServiceBaseMBS

This class has no sub classes.

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