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DRTrackMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class DiscRecording MBS MacControls Plugin 7.4 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: The DRTrack class represents a track on the burned disc.
dim track as DRTrackMBS
dim bsp as DRBurnSetupPanelMBS
dim bpp as DRBurnProgressPanelMBS

// we need a track

if track<>nil then
bsp=new DRBurnSetupPanelMBS

// set a few options
bsp.setCanSelectAppendableMedia true
bsp.setCanSelectTestBurn true

if bsp.runSetupPanel=bsp.NSOKButton then
bpp=new DRBurnProgressPanelMBS

// And start off the burn itself. This will put up the progress dialog
// and do all the nice pretty things that a happy app does.
bpp.beginProgressPanelForBurn bsp.burnObject, track

MsgBox "You pressed cancel."
end if
end if
A DRTrack provides data to the for the burn and contains a description of the track on disc (length, block type, data format, etc). Data is provided for the burn in a real-time thread. It is up to the track to provide this data in a timely manner, otherwise a burn underrun can occur and ruin a disc.

All methods in this class will catch exceptions from Cocoa and raise a NSExceptionMBS instead. Using the message, name and reason properties you can see what was the reason for this exception. Please report if you find a method which does not handle exceptions correct.

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