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DynaPDFColorProfilesExMBS class

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class DynaPDF MBS DynaPDF Plugin 16.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: A set of ICC profiles for color management.
In general, the DefInXXX profiles are used if no other profile is available for the color space. Possible sources are DefaultGray, DefaultRGB, DefaultCMYK, and the Rendering Intents.
The SoftProof profile emulates the output device. This is typically a printer profile or a default CMYK profile. If no profile is set then no device will be emulated. What you see is maybe not what you get on a printer.
To disable color management set the parameter Profiles of InitColormanagement() to nil.

Please use DynaPDFColorProfilesExMBS when you have profiles in memory and DynaPDFColorProfilesMBS when you have them as files.

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