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GM16MontageMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class GraphicsMagick MBS GraphicsMagick Plugin 14.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: Montage is the base class to provide montage options and provides methods to set all options required to render simple (unframed) montages.
// build montage
dim StackingMontage as New GM16MontageMBS
StackingMontage.backgroundColor = New GM16ColorMBS(&cE7E7E7)
StackingMontage.fillColor = New GM16ColorMBS(&c000000)
StackingMontage.tile = New GM16GeometryMBS("1x20")
StackingMontage.geometry = New GM16GeometryMBS("160x120+5+5")
StackingMontage.font = "Helvetica"
StackingMontage.pointSize = 12
StackingMontage.title = "Title goes here"

// make picture
dim logo as Picture = LogoMBS(500)
dim image as New GM16ImageMBS(logo)

image.label("Sample label")

// Put the current image into the array
Dim StackingFrames As new GM16ImageArrayMBS

// show result
dim resultImages as GM16ImageArrayMBS = StackingFrames.montageImages(StackingMontage)
Backdrop = resultImages.Image(0).CopyPicture
See GM16MontageFramedMBS if you would like to create a framed montage.

Unframed thumbnails consist of four components: the thumbnail image, the thumbnail border, an optional thumbnail shadow, and an optional thumbnail label area.

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