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LinuxWebCookieStoreMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class HTMLViewer Linux MBS Linux Plugin 12.4 No No Yes No No
Function: The store for cookies.
dim store as LinuxWebCookieStoreMBS = LinuxWebCookieStoreMBS.CookieStore
dim cookies() as LinuxWebCookieMBS = store.AllCookies
MsgBox str(UBound(cookies)+1)+" cookies"

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Cookie Accept Modes

Constant Value Description
kAcceptAlways 0 Accept all cookies unconditionally.
kAcceptNever 1 Reject all cookies unconditionally.
kAcceptNoThirdParty 2 No Third party cookies.
Accept all cookies set by the main document loaded in the application using libsoup. An example of the most common case, web browsers, would be: If http://www.example.com is the page loaded, accept all cookies set by example.com, but if a resource from http://www.third-party.com is loaded from that page reject any cookie that it could try to set. For libsoup to be able to tell apart first party cookies from the rest, the application must call soup_message_set_first_party() on each outgoing SoupMessage, setting the SoupURI of the main document. If no first party is set in a message when this policy is in effect, cookies will be assumed to be third party by default. (this is done by webkit)

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