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MarkdownDocumentMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class MarkDown MBS Tools Plugin 15.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: The class ot process markdown text.

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Constant Value Description
kAutoLink &h4000 make link even without <>s
kCDATA &h80 generate code for xml ![CDATA[...]]
kExtraFootnote &h200000 Enable markdown extra-style footnotes.
kInputMask &h00030000
kIsLabel &h08000000
kNoAlphaList &h80000 Forbid alphabetic lists.
kNoDivQuote &h40000 Forbid >%class% blocks.
kNoDList &h100000 Forbid definition lists.
kNoExt &h40 Don't allow pseudo-protocols.
kNoHeader &h10000 Don't process header blocks.
kNoHTML 8 Don't allow raw html through AT ALL
kNoImage 2 Don't do image processing, block <img>.
kNoLinks 1 Don't do link processing, block <a> tags.
kNoPants 4 don't run smartypants.
kNoRelaxed &h200 emphasis happens /everywhere/
kNoStrikethrough &h800 Forbid strikethrough.
kNoSuperscript &h100 no A^B
kNoTables &h400 Disallow tables.
kSafeLink &h8000 Paranoid check for link protocol.
kTabStop &h20000 Expand tabs to 4 spaces.
kTagText &h20 process text inside an html tag; no * <em>, no <bold>, no html or [] expansion
kTOC &h1000 Do table-of-contents processing.
kUserFlags &h0FFFFFFF

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