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NSAffineTransformMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class CoreImage MBS Main Plugin 7.3 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: A class for transformation.
Notes: As being used by CoreImage and by the NS* classes, it is a free plugin class requiring no registration.

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  • 7 properties
    • property Data as MemoryBlock
    • property m11 as Double
    • property m12 as Double
    • property m21 as Double
    • property m22 as Double
    • property tx as Double
    • property ty as Double
  • 16 methods
    • method appendTransform(transform as NSAffineTransformMBS)
    • method Constructor
    • method Constructor(m11 as Double, m12 as Double, m21 as Double, m22 as Double, tx as Double, ty as Double)
    • method Constructor(transform as NSAffineTransformMBS)
    • method getValues(byref m11 as Double, byref m12 as Double, byref m21 as Double, byref m22 as Double , byref tx as Double, byref tY as Double)
    • method invert
    • method prependTransform(transform as NSAffineTransformMBS)
    • method rotateByDegrees(angle as Double)
    • method rotateByRadians(angle as Double)
    • method scale(scale as Double)
    • method scale(scaleX as Double, scaleY as Double)
    • method setValues(m11 as Double, m12 as Double, m21 as Double, m22 as Double , tx as Double, tY as Double)
    • method transformBezierPath(NSBezierPath as Variant) as Variant
    • method transformPoint(byref x as Double, byref y as Double)
    • method transformSize(byref width as Double, byref height as Double)
    • method translate(deltaX as Double, deltaY as Double)
  • 3 shared methods

This class has no sub classes.

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