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NSVisualEffectViewMBS class

Super class: NSViewMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Cocoa MBS MacFrameworks Plugin 14.3 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: The class to use visual effect view.
The NSVisualEffectView is the basis for all visual effects, including "vibrant" appearances. You can optionally set the appearance to NSAppearanceMBS.appearanceNamed(NSAppearanceNameVibrantDark) (or Light) to get the desired light or dark appearance. Combine this with an appropriate light or dark material to get the desired vibrant look. Combining NSAppearanceNameVibrantDark with a light material will look bad, and should not be done.

Requires Mac OS X 10.10 or newer.

Please review Apple's documentation on this for details.
Subclass of the NSViewMBS class.

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Background Styles

Constant Value Description
NSBackgroundStyleDark 1 Dark
NSBackgroundStyleLight 0 Light

Blending Modes

Constant Value Description
NSVisualEffectBlendingModeBehindWindow 0 Blends and blurs with the contents behind the window (such as the desktop or other windows). These can overlap, and the view lower in the hierarchy will "win".
NSVisualEffectBlendingModeWithinWindow 1 Blends and blurs with contents behind the view in the current window only. For now, these cannot overlap each other. This mode REQUIRES layer-backing with view.wantsLayer = true.


Constant Value Description
NSVisualEffectMaterialAppearanceBased 0 When NSVisualEffectMaterialAppearanceBased is set, the material color is determined by the current effectiveAppearance that is on the view.
NSVisualEffectMaterialDark 2 Dark
NSVisualEffectMaterialLight 1 Light
NSVisualEffectMaterialTitlebar 3 Title bar


Constant Value Description
NSVisualEffectStateActive 1 The backdrop is explicitly active, always.
NSVisualEffectStateFollowsWindowActiveState 0 The backdrop automatically appears active when the window is active, and inactive when it is not active.
NSVisualEffectStateInactive 2 The backdrop is explicitly inactive.

Super class NSViewMBS

Window Order Constants

Constant Value Description
NSWindowAbove 1 Moves the window above the indicated window.
NSWindowBelow -1 Moves the window below the indicated window.
NSWindowOut 0 Moves the window off the screen.

Super class NSResponderMBS

This class has no sub classes.

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