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PhidgetDictionaryMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Phidgets MBS USB Plugin 7.7 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: The Phidget Dictionary is a service provided by the Phidget Webservice.
The Webservice maintains a centralized dictionary of key-value pairs that can be accessed and changed from any number of clients through the CPhidgetDictionary interface available in phidget21.

Note that the Webservice uses this dictionary to control access to Phidgets through the openRemote and openRemoteIP interfaces, and as such, you should never add or modify a key that starts with /PSK/ or /PCK/, unless you want to explicitly modify Phidget specific data – and this is highly discouraged, as it's very easy to break things. Listening to these keys is fine if so desired.

The intended use for the dictionary is as a central repository for communication and persistent storage of data between several client applications. As an example - a higher level interface exposed by one application – which controls the Phidgets, for others to access – rather then every client talking directly to the Phidgets themselves.

The dictionary makes use of extended regular expressions for key matching. See the end of this document for the rules of regular expressions.

See the Phidget manuals for help on regular expressions.

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