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PhidgetTextLCDMBS class

Super class: PhidgetMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Phidgets MBS USB Plugin 7.7 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: The class for the phidget text LCD.
The PhidgetTextLCD is a component that provides a high-level programmer interface to control a PhidgetTextLCD device connected through a USB port.

With this component, the programmer can:
  • Display text on a PhidgetTextLCD module.
Subclass of the PhidgetMBS class.

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Screen size constants.

Constant Value Description
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_1x16 4 1 row, 16 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_1x40 10 1 row, 40 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_1x8 2 1 row, 8 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_2x16 5 2 row, 16 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_2x20 7 2 row, 20 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_2x24 9 2 row, 24 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_2x40 11 2 row, 40 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_2x8 3 2 row, 8 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_4x16 6 4 row, 16 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_4x20 8 4 row, 20 column screen
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_4x40 12 4 row, 40 column screen (special case, requires both screen connections)
PHIDGET_TEXTLCD_SCREEN_NONE 1 no screen attached

Super class PhidgetMBS

This class has no sub classes.

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