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PortAudioMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Audio MBS Audio Plugin 6.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: A class to run the opensource PortAudio library in Xojo.
Constants for error codes:

paNoError= 0
Plugin parameter error= -1
paNotInitialized= -10000,
paUnanticipatedHostError= -9999
paInvalidChannelCount= -9998
paInvalidSampleRate= -9997
paInvalidDevice= -9996
paInvalidFlag= -9995
paSampleFormatNotSupported= -9994
paBadIODeviceCombination= -9993
paInsufficientMemory= -9992
paBufferTooBig= -9991
paBufferTooSmall= -9990
paNullCallback= -9989
paBadStreamPtr= -9988
paTimedOut= -9987
paInternalError= -9986
paDeviceUnavailable= -9985
paIncompatibleHostApiSpecificStreamInfo= -9984
paStreamIsStopped= -9983
paStreamIsNotStopped= -9982
paInputOverflowed= -9981
paOutputUnderflowed= -9980
paHostApiNotFound= -9979
paInvalidHostApi= -9978
paCanNotReadFromACallbackStream= -9977
paCanNotWriteToACallbackStream= -9976
paCanNotReadFromAnOutputOnlyStream= -9975
paCanNotWriteToAnInputOnlyStream= -9974
paIncompatibleStreamHostApi= -9973
paBadBufferPtr= -9972

Initialization and Termination of the PortAudio library are done in background automatically.

Requires libasound.so.2 on Linux to be installed.

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