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PortAudioStreamMBS class

Super class: PortAudioStreamBaseMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Audio MBS Audio Plugin 6.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: A single PortAudioStreamMBS can provide multiple channels of real-time streaming audio input and output to a client application.
A stream provides access to audio hardware represented by one or more devices. Depending on the underlying Host API, it may be possible to open multiple streams using the same device, however this behavior is implementation defined. Portable applications should assume that a device may be simultaneously used by at most one PortAudioStreamMBS.
Subclass of the PortAudioStreamBaseMBS class.

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  • 2 events
    • event Callback(InputBuffer as memoryblock, outputBuffer as memoryblock, FrameCount as Integer, inputBufferAdcTime as Double, currentTime as Double, outputBufferDacTime as Double, statusFlags as Integer) as Integer
    • event Finished
  • 6 methods
    • method OpenDefaultStream(numInputChannels as Integer, numOutputChannels as Integer, sampleFormat as Integer, sampleRate as Double, framesPerBuffer as Integer, Flags as Integer) as Integer
    • method OpenStream(inputParameters as PortAudioStreamParametersMBS, outputParameters as PortAudioStreamParametersMBS, sampleRate as Double, framesPerBuffer as Integer, streamFlags as Integer) as Integer
    • method Read(buffer as memoryblock, frameCount as Integer) as Integer
    • method ReadAvailable as Integer
    • method Write(buffer as memoryblock, frameCount as Integer) as Integer
    • method WriteAvailable as Integer

Super class PortAudioStreamBaseMBS

This class has no sub classes.

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