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QTAudioChannelLayoutMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class QuickTime MBS Main Plugin 11.3 Yes Yes No Yes No
Function: The class is used to specify channel layouts in files and hardware.
This class does not use QuickTime functions as it only wraps data structures. And it can be used with Mac App Store and AVFoundation.

Some channel abbreviations used for the constants:
  • L - left
  • R - right
  • C - center
  • Ls - left surround
  • Rs - right surround
  • Cs - center surround
  • Rls - rear left surround
  • Rrs - rear right surround
  • Lw - left wide
  • Rw - right wide
  • Lsd - left surround direct
  • Rsd - right surround direct
  • Lc - left center
  • Rc - right center
  • Ts - top surround
  • Vhl - vertical height left
  • Vhc - vertical height center
  • Vhr - vertical height right
  • Lt - left matrix total. for matrix encoded stereo.
  • Rt - right matrix total. for matrix encoded stereo.

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