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SCNCameraMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class SceneKit MBS Mac64bit Plugin 18.5 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: A set of camera attributes that can be attached to a node to provide a point of view for displaying the scene.
To display a scene, you must designate a node whose camera property contains a camera object as the point of view.

The SCNNode object containing a camera defines a point of view—that is, the position and orientation of the camera. A camera’s direction of view is always along the negative z-axis of the node’s local coordinate system. To point the camera at different parts of your scene, use the position, rotation, or transform property of the node containing it. (Alternatively, to ensure that a camera always points at a particular element of your scene even when that element moves, attach a SCNLookAtConstraint object to the node containing the camera.)

An SCNCamera object itself defines the shape and, in part, the appearance of the rendered scene as seen from its point of view. By default, a camera defines a perspective projection, whose field of view (FOV) and near and far visibility limits you control using the properties listed in Adjusting Camera Perspective and illustrated below.

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Orthographic Projection

Constant Value Description
kProjectionDirectionHorizontal 1 The camera's field of view or orthographic scale are measured horizontally.
kProjectionDirectionVertical 0 The camera's field of view or orthographic scale are measured vertically.

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