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TKSmartCardMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class SmartCard MBS Mac64bit Plugin 18.5 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: A representation of a smart card.
This class provides an interface for managing sessions with a smart card, transmitting requests, and facilitating user interaction.
You can create a TKSmartCardMBS object when a smart card is inserted into a slot, by calling the makeSmartCard method on the corresponding TKSmartCardSlotMBS object. To start communicating with the smart card, call the beginSession method on the TKSmartCardMBS object. Once an exclusive session has been established, you transmit data using the transmitRequest:reply: method. After you’ve finished communicating with a smart card, you call the endSession method.
If the smart card is physically removed from its slot, the session object becomes invalid, and any further calls to transmitRequest will return an error.

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Constant Value Description
kProtocolAny 65535 Any available transmission protocols.
kProtocolNone 0 No transmission protocols.
kProtocolT0 1 T=0 transmission protocol.
kProtocolT1 2 T=1 transmission protocol.
kProtocolT15 32768 T=15 transmission protocol.


Constant Value Description
TKErrorCodeAuthenticationFailed -5 Authentication failed.
TKErrorCodeAuthenticationNeeded -9 Authentication is needed.
TKErrorCodeBadParameter -8 An invalid parameter was provided.
TKErrorCodeCanceledByUser -4 The operation was canceled by the user.
TKErrorCodeCommunicationError -2 A communication error occurred.
TKErrorCodeCorruptedData -3 The data was corrupted.
TKErrorCodeNotImplemented -1 The functionality is not implemented.
TKErrorCodeObjectNotFound -6 The object was not found.
TKErrorCodeTokenNotFound -7 The token was not found.

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