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UNNotificationSettingsMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class User Notifications MBS MacFrameworks Plugin 19.1 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: The object for managing notification-related settings and the authorization status of your app.
A UNNotificationSettingsMBS object contains the current authorization status and notification-related settings for your app. Apps must receive authorization to schedule notifications and to interact with the user. Apps that run in CarPlay must similarly receive authorization to do so. You use this object to determine what notification-related actions your app is allowed to perform. You might then use that information to enable, disable, or adjust your app's notification-related behaviors. Regardless of whether you take action, the system enforces your app's settings by preventing denied interactions from occurring.
You don't create instances of this class directly. Instead, call the getNotificationSettings method of your app’s UNUserNotificationCenterMBS object to get the current settings.
For more information about requesting authorization for user interactions, see UNUserNotificationCenter.
This is an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

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Alert Style

Constant Value Description
AlertStyleAlert 2 Modal alerts.
Alerts are displayed in a modal window that must be dismissed explicitly by the user.
AlertStyleBanner 1 Banner alerts.
Alerts are displayed as a slide-down banner. Banners appear for a short time and then disappear automatically if the user does nothing.
AlertStyleNone 0 No alert.

Authorization Status

Constant Value Description
AuthorizationStatusAuthorized 2 The app is authorized to schedule or receive notifications.
AuthorizationStatusDenied 1 The app isn't authorized to schedule or receive notifications.
AuthorizationStatusNotDetermined 0 The user hasn't yet made a choice about whether the app is allowed to schedule notifications.
AuthorizationStatusProvisional 3 The application is provisionally authorized to post noninterruptive user notifications.

Notification Settings

Constant Value Description
NotificationSettingDisabled 1 The setting is disabled.
NotificationSettingEnabled 2 The setting is enabled.
NotificationSettingNotSupported 0 The setting is not available to your app.

Show Preview Settings

Constant Value Description
ShowPreviewsSettingAlways 0 The notification's content is always shown, even when the device is locked.
ShowPreviewsSettingNever 2 The notification's content is never shown, even when the device is unlocked.
ShowPreviewsSettingWhenAuthenticated 1 The notification's content is shown only when the device is unlocked.

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