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WindowsBlueToothRadioMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Bluetooth MBS Bluetooth Plugin 18.3 No Yes No Yes, Windows only No
Function: The class for a bluetooth radio.
Notes: This is an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

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Manufacturer Constants

Constant Value Description
kManufacturer3Com 5 3Com
kManufacturerAlcatel 36 Alcatel
kManufacturerAtmel 19 Atmel
kManufacturerAvmBerlin 31 AVM Berlin
kManufacturerBandspeed 32 Bandspeed
kManufacturerBroadcom 15 Broadcom
kManufacturerConexant 28 Conexant
kManufacturerCsr 10 Csr
kManufacturerCTechnologies 38 CTechnologies
kManufacturerDigianswer 12 Digianswer
kManufacturerEricsson 0 Ericsson
kManufacturerHitachi 41 Hitachi
kManufacturerIBM 3 IBM
kManufacturerInfineon 9 Infineon
kManufacturerIntel 2 Intel
kManufacturerInternalUse 65535 InternalUse
kManufacturerInventel 30 Inventel
kManufacturerKcTechnology 22 KcTechnology
kManufacturerLucent 7 Lucent
kManufacturerMacronixInternational 44 MacronixInternational
kManufacturerMansella 33 Mansella
kManufacturerMicrosoft 6 Microsoft
kManufacturerMitel 16 Mitel
kManufacturerMitsibushi 20 Mitsibushi
kManufacturerMotorola 8 Motorola
kManufacturerNEC 34 NEC
kManufacturerNewlogic 23 Newlogic
kManufacturerNokia 1 Nokia
kManufacturerOpenInterface 39 OpenInterface
kManufacturerParthus 14 Parthus
kManufacturerPhilipsSemiconductor 37 PhilipsSemiconductor
kManufacturerQualcomm 29 Qualcomm
kManufacturerRfMicroDevices 40 RfMicroDevices
kManufacturerRohdeSchwarz 25 RohdeSchwarz
kManufacturerRtxTelecom 21 RtxTelecom
kManufacturerSignia 27 Signia
kManufacturerSiliconwave 11 Siliconwave
kManufacturerSymbolTechnologies 42 SymbolTechnologies
kManufacturerTenovis 43 Tenovis
kManufacturerTi 13 Ti
kManufacturerToshiba 4 Toshiba
kManufacturerTransilica 24 Transilica
kManufacturerTtpcom 26 Ttpcom
kManufacturerWaveplusTechnologyCo 35 WaveplusTechnologyCo
kManufacturerWidcomm 17 Widcomm
kManufacturerZeevo 18 Zeevo

This class has no sub classes.

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