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WindowsICMLogColorSpaceMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Windows ICM MBS Win Plugin 11.1 No Yes No Yes, Windows only No
Function: This class contains information that defines a logical color space.
If the CSType member is set to LCS_sRGB or LCS_WINDOWS_COLOR_SPACE, the other members of this structure are ignored, and WCS uses the sRGB color space. The Endpoints, GammaRed, GammaGreen, and GammaBlue members are used to describe the logical color space. The Endpoints member is a CIEXYZTRIPLE that contains the x, y, and z values of the color space's RGB endpoint.

The required DWORD bit format for the GammaRed, GammaGreen, and GammaBlue is an 8.8 fixed point interger left-shifted by 8 bits. The plugin takes care about that detail.

Whenever the Filename member contains a file name and the CSType member is set to LCS_CALIBRATED_RGB, WCS ignores the other members of this class. It uses the color space in the file as the color space to which this LOGCOLORSPACE structure refers.

The relation between tri-stimulus values X,Y,Z and chromaticity values x,y,z is as follows:

x = X/(X+Y+Z)
y = Y/(X+Y+Z)
z = Z/(X+Y+Z)

If the CSType member is set to LCS_sRGB or LCS_WINDOWS_COLOR_SPACE, the other members of this structure are ignored, and ICM uses the sRGB color space. Appliations should still initialize the rest of the structure since CreateProfileFromLogColorSpace ignores CSType member and uses Endpoints, GammaRed, GammaGreen, GammaBlue members to create a profile, which may not be initialized in case of LCS_sRGB or LCS_WINDOWS_COLOR_SPACE color spaces.

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Rendering Intent Constants

Constant Value Description
INTENT_ABSOLUTE_COLORIMETRIC 3 Maintain the white point. Match the colors to their nearest color in the destination gamut.
INTENT_PERCEPTUAL 0 Maintain contrast. Used for photographs and natural images.
INTENT_RELATIVE_COLORIMETRIC 1 Maintain colorimetric match. Used for graphic designs and named colors.
INTENT_SATURATION 2 Maintain saturation. Used for business charts and other situations in which undithered colors are required.

Color Space Type Constants

Constant Value Description
LCS_CALIBRATED_RGB 0 Color values are calibrated RGB values. The values are translated using the endpoints specified by the Endpoints member before being passed to the device.
LCS_sRGB &h73524742 Color values are values are sRGB values.
LCS_WINDOWS_COLOR_SPACE &h57696E20 Color values are Windows default color space color values.

This class has no sub classes.

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