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WindowsICMProfileHeaderMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Windows ICM MBS Win Plugin 11.1 No Yes No Yes, Windows only No
Function: This class contains information that describes the contents of a device profile file.
Notes: This header occurs at the beginning of a device profile file.

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Attribute Constants

Constant Value Description
ATTRIB_MATTE 2 Turns matte display on. If this flag is not used, the attribute is glossy by default.
ATTRIB_TRANSPARENCY 1 Turns transparency on. If this flag is not used, the attribute is reflective by default.

Profile Class Constants

Constant Value Description
CLASS_ABSTRACT &h61627374 Abstract Profile
CLASS_CAMP &h6C616D70 Color Appearance Model Profile
CLASS_COLORSPACE &h73706163 Color Space Conversion Profile
CLASS_GMMP &h676D6D70 Color Gamut Map Model Profile
CLASS_LINK &h6C696E6B Device Link Profile
CLASS_MONITOR &h6D6E7472 Display Device Profile
CLASS_NAMED &h6E6D636C Named Color Profile
CLASS_PRINTER &h70727472 Output Device Profile
CLASS_SCANNER &h73636E72 Input Device Profile

Profile Flags

Constant Value Description
FLAG_DEPENDENTONDATA 2 The profile can't be used independently of the embedded color data. Used for profiles that are embedded in bitmap files.
FLAG_EMBEDDEDPROFILE 1 The profile is embedded in a bitmap file.

Color Space Constants

Constant Value Description
SPACE_2_CHANNEL &h32434C52 Generic 2 channel
SPACE_3_CHANNEL &h33434C52 Generic 3 channel
SPACE_4_CHANNEL &h34434C52 Generic 4 channel
SPACE_5_CHANNEL &h35434C52 Generic 5 channel
SPACE_6_CHANNEL &h36434C52 Generic 6 channel
SPACE_7_CHANNEL &h37434C52 Generic 7 channel
SPACE_8_CHANNEL &h38434C52 Generic 8 channel
SPACE_CMY &h434D5920 CMY
SPACE_GRAY &h47524159 Gray scale
SPACE_HLS &h484C5320 HLS
SPACE_HSV &h48535620 HSV
SPACE_Lab &h4C616220 Lab
SPACE_Luv &h4C757620 Luv
SPACE_RGB &h52474220 RGB
SPACE_XYZ &h58595A20 XYZ
SPACE_YCbCr &h59436272 YCbCr
SPACE_Yxy &h59787920 Yxy

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