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zxingBarcodeFormatMBS class

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class Barcode MBS Barcode Plugin 13.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: The class for a barcode format.

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  • 2 properties
    • property Name as String
    • property Value as Integer
  • method Constructor(value as Integer)
  • 16 constants

Barcode Formats

Constant Value Description
kFormatAzTec 1 Aztec
kFormatCoda128 5 Code 128 1D format.
kFormatCoda39 3 Coda 39
kFormatCoda93 4 Code 39 1D format.
kFormatCodaBar 2 Coabar
kFormatCodaEAN13 8 EAN-13 1D format.
kFormatCodaEAN8 7 EAN-8 1D format
kFormatCodaITF 9 ITF (Interleaved Two of Five) 1D format.
kFormatCodaPDF417 11 PDF417 format.
kFormatCodaQRCode 12 QR Code 2D barcode format.
kFormatCodaRSSExpanded 14 Coda RSS Expanded
kFormatCodaUPCA 15 UPC-A 1D format.
kFormatCodaUPCE 16 UPC-E 1D format.
kFormatCodaUPCEANExtension 17 UPC EAN Extension
kFormatCodeRSS14 13 RSS 14
kFormatDataMatrix 6 DataMatrix 2D barcode format.

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