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zxingDecodeHintsMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Barcode MBS Barcode Plugin 13.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: The class for hints to the scanner.
Notes: This gives an idea to decoder on what you may expect.

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Constant Value Description
ASSUME_GS1 &h0800000 Assume GS1
CHARACTER_SET &h4000000 Character Set
CODE_128_HINT &h020 Code 128
CODE_39_HINT 8 Code 39
CODE_93_HINT &h010 Code 93
DATA_MATRIX_HINT &h0040 Data Matrix
EAN_13_HINT &h000100 EAN 13
EAN_8_HINT &h000080 EAN 8
ITF_HINT &h000200 ITF
PDF_417_HINT &h000800 PDF 317
QR_CODE_HINT &h001000 QR Code
RSS_14_HINT &h002000 RSS 14
RSS_EXPANDED_HINT &h004000 RSS Expanded
TRYHARDER_HINT &h8000000 Whether to spend more CPU time to get better result.
UPC_A_HINT &h008000 UPC A
UPC_EAN_EXTENSION_HINT &h020000 UPC EAN with extension
UPC_E_HINT &h010000 UPC E

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