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/MacCF/CF XML Parser
Required plugins for this example: MBS MacCF Plugin, MBS Main Plugin
You find this example project in your Plugins Download as a Xojo project file within the examples folder: /MacCF/CF XML Parser
This example is the version from Sun, 17th Mar 2012.
Project "CF XML Parser.rbp"
Class MainWindow Inherits Window
Control EditField1 Inherits TextArea
ControlInstance EditField1 Inherits TextArea
End Control
Control EditField2 Inherits TextArea
ControlInstance EditField2 Inherits TextArea
End Control
Control PushButton1 Inherits PushButton
ControlInstance PushButton1 Inherits PushButton
EventHandler Sub Action() run End EventHandler
End Control
Control StaticText1 Inherits Label
ControlInstance StaticText1 Inherits Label
End Control
Sub run() const kCFXMLParserValidateDocument = 1 const kCFXMLParserSkipMetaData = 2 const kCFXMLParserReplacePhysicalEntities = 4 const kCFXMLParserSkipWhitespace = 8 const kCFXMLParserResolveExternalEntities = 16 const kCFXMLParserAddImpliedAttributes = 32 const kCFXMLParserAllOptions = &h00FFFFFF const kCFXMLParserNoOptions = 0 dim parser as MyCFXMLParser parser=new MyCFXMLParser parser.Create NewCFBinaryDataMBSStr(EditField1.text), nil, kCFXMLParserSkipWhitespace if parser.parse then EditField2.Text=output else EditField2.text=parser.ErrorDescription.str end if End Sub
Property output As string
End Class
MenuBar Menu
MenuItem UntitledMenu3 = ""
MenuItem UntitledMenu2 = "File"
MenuItem FileQuit = "Quit"
MenuItem UntitledMenu0 = "Edit"
MenuItem EditUndo = "Undo"
MenuItem UntitledMenu1 = "-"
MenuItem EditCut = "Cut"
MenuItem EditCopy = "Copy"
MenuItem EditPaste = "Paste"
MenuItem EditClear = "Clear"
End MenuBar
Class MyCFXMLParser Inherits CFXMLParserMBS
EventHandler Sub AddChild(parent as CFObjectMBS, child as CFObjectMBS) writeline "---Add Child Called---" writeline "Parent being added to: "+GetCFString(parent) writeline "Child being added: "+GetCFString(child) End EventHandler
EventHandler Function CreateXMLStructure(node as CFXMLNodeMBS) As CFObjectMBS const kCFXMLNodeTypeDocument = 1 const kCFXMLNodeTypeElement = 2 const kCFXMLNodeTypeAttribute = 3 const kCFXMLNodeTypeProcessingInstruction = 4 const kCFXMLNodeTypeComment = 5 const kCFXMLNodeTypeText = 6 const kCFXMLNodeTypeCDATASection = 7 const kCFXMLNodeTypeDocumentFragment = 8 const kCFXMLNodeTypeEntity = 9 const kCFXMLNodeTypeEntityReference = 10 const kCFXMLNodeTypeDocumentType = 11 const kCFXMLNodeTypeWhitespace = 12 const kCFXMLNodeTypeNotation = 13 const kCFXMLNodeTypeElementTypeDeclaration = 14 const kCFXMLNodeTypeAttributeListDeclaration = 15 dim type as integer dim TypeStr as string dim DataStr as string type=node.TypeCode Select case type case kCFXMLNodeTypeDocument TypeStr="Data Type ID: kCFXMLNodeTypeDocument" DataStr="Document URL: "+GetNodeDocumentURL(node) case kCFXMLNodeTypeElement TypeStr="Data Type ID: kCFXMLNodeTypeElement" DataStr="Element: "+GetNodeData(node) case kCFXMLNodeTypeProcessingInstruction TypeStr="Data Type ID: kCFXMLNodeTypeProcessingInstruction" DataStr="PI: "+GetNodeData(node) case kCFXMLNodeTypeComment TypeStr="Data Type ID: kCFXMLNodeTypeComment " DataStr="Comment: "+GetNodeData(node) case kCFXMLNodeTypeText TypeStr="Data Type ID: kCFXMLNodeTypeText" DataStr="Text: "+GetNodeData(node) case kCFXMLNodeTypeCDATASection TypeStr="Data Type ID: kCFXMLNodeTypeText" DataStr="CDATA: "+GetNodeData(node) case kCFXMLNodeTypeEntityReference TypeStr="Data Type ID: kCFXMLNodeTypeEntityReference" DataStr="CDATA: "+GetNodeData(node) case kCFXMLNodeTypeWhitespace TypeStr="Data Type ID: kCFXMLNodeTypeWhitespace" DataStr="Whitespace: "+GetNodeData(node) case kCFXMLNodeTypeEntity TypeStr="Data Type ID: kCFXMLNodeTypeEntity" DataStr="Entity: "+GetNodeData(node) else TypeStr="Data Type ID: UNKNOWN" DataStr="Data: "+GetNodeData(node) end Select writeline "---Create Structure Called---" writeline TypeStr writeline DataStr // Keep for later Lookup Return NewCFStringMBS(datastr) End EventHandler
EventHandler Sub EndXMLStructure(xmlType as CFObjectMBS) writeline "---End Structure Called for "+GetCFString(xmlType) End EventHandler
EventHandler Function HandleError(StatusCode as integer) As boolean writeline "Parse error ("+str(StatusCode)+") "+me.ErrorDescription.Str+" on line "+str(me.LineNumber)+", character "+str(me.Location)+"." End EventHandler
EventHandler Function ResolveExternalEntity(externalID as CFXMLExternalIDMBS) As CFBinaryDataMBS writeline "---resolveEntity Called---" End EventHandler
Function GetNodeData(node as cfxmlnodeMBS) As string return node.Data.Str Exception // if it fails, it fails here End Function
Function GetNodeDocumentURL(node as cfxmlnodembs) As string dim docinfo as CFXMLDocumentInfoMBS dim u as CFURLMBS dim s as CFStringMBS docinfo=node.GetCFXMLDocumentInfo u=docinfo.SourceURL if u<>Nil then s=u.str if s<>nil then return s.Str end if end if Exception // if it fails, it doesn't block the whole event End Function
Sub writeline(s as string) MainWindow.output=MainWindow.output+s+chr(13) End Sub
Property d As dictionary
End Class
Module Util
Function GetCFString(o as cfobjectMBS) As string dim s as CFStringMBS if o isa CFStringMBS then // If it's a RB CFString object s=CFStringMBS(o) Return s.str end if Exception End Function
End Module
Class App Inherits Application
End Class
End Project

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