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FAQ.How do I check if the QuickTime component for the JPEG exporting is available?
Answer: If you want to know if the PictureToString functions will work, you may try this function:
Function IsQTJPEGExporerAvailable() As boolean
dim q as QTComponentInformationMBS

// search for QuickTime JPEG exporter codec
q=new QTComponentInformationMBS

while q.NextComponent
if q.Type="imco" and q.SubType="jpeg" then
Return true
end if

Return false // not found
End Function
It should work like this for other types like:
"tiff" -> TIFF
"PNTG" -> Mac Paint
"gif " -> GIF
"WRLE" -> Windows BMP
"tga " -> Targa
"png " -> PNG

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