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WindowsEjectVolumeMBS(driveLetter as string, byref status as Integer) as boolean
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
global method Files MBS Win Plugin 11.0 No Yes No Yes, Windows only No
Function: Unmounts and ejects the given drive.
// editfield1 has the drive letter

dim status as Integer
dim b as Boolean = WindowsEjectVolumeMBS(EditField1.text, status)

if b then
Select case status
case 1
MsgBox "Media in Drive "+EditField1.text+" has been ejected safely."
case 2
MsgBox "Media in Drive "+EditField1.text+" can be safely removed."
MsgBox "Failed?"
end Select
MsgBox "Failed."
end if
Status is set to 1 after an eject or 2 after an unmount without eject.
Returns true on success and false on failure.

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