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GetDriveTypeMBS(path as string) as Integer
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
global method Files MBS Win Plugin 12.3 No Yes No Yes, Windows only No
Function: Determines whether a disk drive is a removable, fixed, CD-ROM, RAM disk, or network drive.
if GetDriveTypeMBS("E:") = 4 then
msgbox "network drive"
end if
Path: The root directory for the drive.

Possible values:
0UnknownThe drive type cannot be determined.
1ErrorThe root path is invalid; for example, there is no volume mounted at the specified path.
2RemovableThe drive has removable media; for example, a floppy drive, thumb drive, or flash card reader.
3FixedThe drive has fixed media; for example, a hard disk drive or flash drive.
4RemoteThe drive is a remote (network) drive.
5CD-ROMThe drive is a CD-ROM drive.
6RAM DiskThe drive is a RAM disk.

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