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The data and information contained in this document cannot be
altered without the express written permission of SecuTech Solution
Inc. No part of this document can be reproduced or transmitted for any
purpose whatsoever, either by electronic or mechanical means.
The general terms of trade of SecuTech Solution Inc. apply. Diverging
agreements must be made in writing.
Copyright © SecuTech Solution Inc. All rights reserved.
WINDOWS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
The WINDOWS-logo is a registered trademark (TM) of Microsoft

Software License

The software and the enclosed documentation are
copyright-protected. By installing the software, you agree to the
conditions of the licensing agreement.

Licensing Agreement

SecuTech Solution Inc. (SecuTech for short) gives the buyer the
simple, exclusive and non-transferable licensing right to use the
software on one individual computer or networked computer system
(LAN). Copying and any other form of reproduction of the software in
full or in part as well as mixing and linking it with others is prohibited.
The buyer is authorized to make one single copy of the software as a
backup. SecuTech reserves the right to change or improve the
software without notice or to replace it by a new development.
SecuTech is not obliged to inform the buyer of changes,
improvements or new developments or to make these available to him.
A legally binding promise of certain qualities is not given. SecuTech is
not responsible for damage unless it is the result of deliberate action
or negligence on the part of SecuTech or its aids and assistants.
SecuTech accepts no responsibility of any kind for indirect,
accompanying or subsequent damage.

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