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The module SecureDongleXMBS

module SecureDongleXMBS
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
module Dongle MBS Dongle Plugin 11.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: This module implements an interface to the SecureDongleX products from SecureMetric Technology Sdn. Bhd.
For more details see the website:

Please order there your evaluation SDK as well as further dongles.

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One of the possible error codes

Constant Value Description
SDXERR_FAILED_DECRYPTION &hA010000E Failed Decrypt string (Cryptography error)
SDXERR_FAILED_ENCRYPTION &hA010000C Failed encrypt string (cryptography error)
SDXERR_FAILED_WRITE_KEY &hA010000D Failed write key (cryptography error)
SDXERR_FLUSH_QUEUE &hA0100017 Internal error (Windows error)
SDXERR_FREE_PREPARSED_DATA &hA0100016 Internal error (Windows error)
SDXERR_GENERATE_KEY &hA010000A Generate key error (cryptography error)
SDXERR_GETCAPS &hA0100015 Internal error (Windows error)
SDXERR_GET_ATTRIBUTES &hA0100013 Internal error (Windows error)
SDXERR_GET_PREPARSED_DATA &hA0100014 Internal error (Windows error)
SDXERR_GET_SERIAL &hA0100019 Internal error (Windows error)
SDXERR_INVALID_KEY &hA010000B Invalid key (cryptography error)
SDXERR_INVALID_LEN &hA0100008 Invalid length (parameter error)
SDXERR_NOT_OPENED_DEVICE &hA0100002 Need to call SDX_Open first to open the SDX, then call this function (operation error)
SDXERR_NO_SUCH_DEVICE &hA0100001 Specified SDX is not found (parameter error)
SDXERR_OPEN_DEVICE &hA010000F Open device error (Windows error)
SDXERR_READ_REPORT &hA0100010 Read record error (Windows error)
SDXERR_SETUP_DI_CLASS_DEVS &hA0100018 Internal error (Windows error)
SDXERR_SETUP_DI_GET_DEVICE_INTERFACE_DETAIL &hA0100012 Internal error (Windows error)
SDXERR_TOO_LONG_ENCRYPTION_DATA &hA0100009 Cipher text length is to long (cryptography error)
SDXERR_TOO_LONG_SEED &hA0100005 Seed character string is longer than 64 bytes when calling GenUID (parameter error)
SDXERR_UNKNOWN_DEVICE &hA0100020 Unknown device.
SDXERR_UNKNOWN_ERROR &hA010FFFF Unknown error (hardware error)
SDXERR_VERIFY &hA0100021 Verification error (hardware error)
SDXERR_WRITE_PROTECT &hA0100006 Tried to write to write-protected SDX (operation error)
SDXERR_WRITE_REPORT &hA0100011 Write record error (Windows error)
SDXERR_WRONG_INDEX &hA0100004 Block index error (parameter error)
SDXERR_WRONG_REPORT_LENGTH &hA010001A Unknown device (hardware error)
SDXERR_WRONG_START_INDEX &hA0100007 Start index error (parameter error)
SDXERR_WRONG_UID &hA0100003 Wrong UID (parameter error)

Some examples which use this module:

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