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NewCPMPrintSessionMBS as CPMPrintSessionMBS
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
global method Printing MBS MacCG Plugin 2.7 Yes No No No No
Function: Creates a new print session object.
'get a print session

// print this PDF
dim pathPrinted as FolderItem=GetFolderItem("test.pdf")

dim thePrintSession as CPMPrintSessionMBS = NewCPMPrintSessionMBS
if thePrintSession = nil then Return

'get default page format and print settings and attach it to the print settings
dim thePageFormat as CPMPageFormatMBS = NewCPMPageFormatMBS
dim thePrintSettings as CPMPrintSettingsMBS = NewCPMPrintSettingsMBS
thePrintSession.DefaultPageFormat thePageFormat
thePrintSession.DefaultPrintSettings thePrintSettings

'show the print dialog
if not thePrintSession.PrintDialog(thePrintSettings,thePageFormat) then return

'open the file which will be printed
dim thePdfDocument as CGPDFDocumentMBS = pathPrinted.OpenAsCGPDFDocumentMBS

' limit page counts to the one we have
dim LastPage as Integer = thePdfDocument.PageCount
if thePrintSettings.LastPage<lastpage then
end if

' you get better progress bar if you tell how many pages will come

'begin the printing
thePrintSession.BeginDocument(thePrintSettings, thePageFormat)

'loop over the number of copies
for currentCopy as Integer = 1 to thePrintSettings.Copies

'loop over the pages
for currentPage as Integer = thePrintSettings.FirstPage to LastPage

'prepage the page
dim PrintRect as CPMRectMBS =thePageFormat.AdjustedPageSize
dim CGRect as CGRectMBS =CGMakeRectMBS(PrintRect.left, PrintRect.top, PrintRect.Width, PrintRect.Height)
thePrintSession.BeginPage(thePageFormat, nil)
dim thePrintContext as CGContextMBS = thePrintSession.PageContext
if thePrintContext = Nil then return

'print the page
thePrintContext.DrawCGPDFDocument thePdfDocument, CGRect, currentPage

'end the page
thePrintContext = nil


'end the printing
Notes: Returns nil on any error.

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