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GetDarwinVMStatisticsMBS as DarwinVMStatisticsMBS
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
global method Process MBS MacCF Plugin 2.6 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: Returns information about the current memory status on Mac OS X.
dim d as DarwinVMStatisticsMBS


if d=nil then
msgBox "No Darwin running :-("
dim lines(-1) as string

lines.Append format(d.pageins,"0")+" pageins"
lines.Append format(d.pageouts,"0")+" pageouts"
lines.Append format(d.pagesize,"0")+" pagesize"
lines.Append format(d.freepages,"0")+" freepages"
lines.Append format(d.activepages,"0")+" activepages"
lines.Append format(d.inactivepages,"0")+" inactivepages"
lines.Append format(d.wiredpages,"0")+" wiredpages"
lines.Append format(d.zerofillpages,"0")+" zerofillpages"
lines.Append format(d.reactivations,"0")+" reactivations"
lines.Append format(d.faults,"0")+" faults"
lines.Append format(d.cowfaults,"0")+" cowfaults"
lines.Append format(d.lookups,"0")+" lookups"
lines.Append format(d.hits,"0")+" hits"

MsgBox Join(lines,EndOfLine)
end if

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