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CTFontDescriptorMBS class

Super class: CFObjectMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class CoreText MBS MacCG Plugin 14.2 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: The CTFontDescriptor opaque type represents a font descriptor, that is, a dictionary of attributes (such as name, point size, and variation) that can completely specify a font.
A font descriptor can be an incomplete specification, in which case the system chooses the most appropriate font to match the given attributes.
Subclass of the CFObjectMBS class.
This is an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

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Font Matching State

Constant Value Description
kCTFontDescriptorMatchingDidBegin 0 called once at the beginning.
kCTFontDescriptorMatchingDidFailWithError 8 called when an error occurred. (may be called multiple times.)
kCTFontDescriptorMatchingDidFinish 1 called once at the end.
kCTFontDescriptorMatchingDidFinishDownloading 6 Finished downloading a descriptor.
kCTFontDescriptorMatchingDidMatch 7 called when font descriptor is matched.
kCTFontDescriptorMatchingDownloading 5 Downloading a descriptor.
kCTFontDescriptorMatchingStalled 3 called when stalled. (e.g. while waiting for server response.)
kCTFontDescriptorMatchingWillBeginDownloading 4 Starts downloading a descriptor.
Downloading part may be skipped if all the assets are already downloaded
kCTFontDescriptorMatchingWillBeginQuerying 2 called once before talking to the server. Skipped if not necessary.


Constant Value Description
kCTFontFormatBitmap 5 The font is a bitmap only format.
kCTFontFormatOpenTypePostScript 1 The font is an OpenType format containing PostScript data
kCTFontFormatOpenTypeTrueType 2 The font is an OpenType format containing TrueType data.
kCTFontFormatPostScript 4 The font is a recognized PostScript format.
kCTFontFormatTrueType 3 The font is a recognized TrueType format.
kCTFontFormatUnrecognized 0 The font is not a recognized format


Constant Value Description
kCTFontOrientationDefault 0 Default
kCTFontOrientationHorizontal 1 Horizontal
kCTFontOrientationVertical 2 Vertical


Constant Value Description
kCTFontPriorityComputer 30000 Priority of computer local fonts (located in /Library/Fonts).
kCTFontPriorityDynamic 50000 Priority of fonts registered dynamically, not located in a standard location (either kCTFontManagerScopeUser, or kCTFontManagerScopeSession).
kCTFontPriorityNetwork 20000 Priority of network fonts (located in /Network/Library/Fonts).
kCTFontPriorityProcess 60000 Priority of fonts registered for the process (kCTFontManagerScopeProcess).
kCTFontPrioritySystem 10000 Priority of system fonts (located in /System/Library/Fonts).
kCTFontPriorityUser 40000 Priority of local fonts (located in user's Library/Fonts).

Super class CFObjectMBS

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