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LinuxWebCookieMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class HTMLViewer Linux MBS Linux Plugin 12.4 No No Yes No No
Function: The class for a cookie used with WebKit on Linux.
dim c as new LinuxWebCookieMBS("test", "12345", "mbsplugins.de", "", LinuxWebCookieMBS.kMaxAgeWeek)
MsgBox c.Expires.ShortDate+" "+c.Expires.ShortTime
LinuxWebCookieMBS implements HTTP cookies, primarily as described by the original Netscape cookie specification, but with slight modifications based on RFC 2109, Microsoft's HttpOnly extension attribute, and observed real-world usage (and, in particular, based on what Firefox does).

An HTTP cookie.

name and value will be set for all cookies. If the cookie is generated from a string that appears to have no name, then name will be the empty string.

domain and path give the host or domain, and path within that host/domain, to restrict this cookie to. If domain starts with ".", that indicates a domain (which matches the string after the ".", or any hostname that has domain as a suffix). Otherwise, it is a hostname and must match exactly.

expires will be non-nil if the cookie uses either the original "expires" attribute, or the "max-age" attribute specified in RFC 2109. If expires is nil, it indicates that neither "expires" nor "max-age" was specified, and the cookie expires at the end of the session.

If http_only is set, the cookie should not be exposed to untrusted code (eg, javascript), so as to minimize the danger posed by cross-site scripting attacks.

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