Platforms to show: All Mac Windows Linux Cross-Platform

The topics:

  • Accessibility
    On Mac OS X a way to control other applications.
  • Addressbook
    Classes to access the Addressbook of Mac OS X
  • Alias
    Classes and functions to deal with file's alias data.
  • Apple Remote
    A class to handle an Apple Remote device.
  • Apple Script
    Classes to compile and run apple script.
  • Archive
    Functions to read/write archives like zip or tar.
  • Audio
    All the classes for audio functionality. (Except Midi)
  • Authorization
    A class for getting root rights on Mac OS X to perform some system stuff.
  • AVFoundation
    Apple's latest audio/video framework for recording and playback.
  • AVFoundationNode
    The AVFoundation node and audio unit classes to process audio.
  • AVMovie
    AVFoundation Movie related classes.
  • Barcode
    Classes for barcode recognition or creation.
  • Base 64
    Base 64 encoding and decoding.
  • Basic
    Basis classes.
  • Bluetooth
    Classes for using Bluetooth devices in Xojo.
  • Calendar
    Classes to control the iCal calendar database on Mac OS X 10.5.
  • CallKit
    Classes for the Xojo side of a Calling Dictionary extension.
  • Canon EOS Digital
    Classes for the Canon EOS Digital SDK for Mac and Windows.
  • Carbon Events
    Carbon Events, like Services, Hotkeys and MouseWheel Support.
  • Catalog Search
    A class for fast file searching on Mac volumes.
  • ChartDirector
    Professional charts for Xojo.
  • Claris FileMaker Data API
    Classes for using Claris FileMaker Server Data and Admin APIs from Xojo.
  • Clipboard
    Low level access to the clipboard on Mac OS.
  • Clipper
    Clipper library for polygon clipping.
  • CloudKit
    Apple's CloudKit allows to use a cloud database in your Mac applications.
  • Cocoa
    The basic classes from the Apple Cocoa framework.
  • Cocoa Collection View
    Cocoa classes for a collection or grid view
  • Cocoa Controls
    Cocoa Framework classes for controls.
  • Cocoa Drawing
    Cocoa Framework classes for Graphics, Drawings and Images.
  • Cocoa Menus
    Cocoa Classes for handling menus.
  • Cocoa Networking
    Cocoa classes for doing networking.
  • Cocoa Printing
    Printing for Cocoa Mac Applications.
  • Cocoa Regular Expressions
    Classes for regular expressions for macOS and iOS.
  • Cocoa Tasks
    Cocoa functions for running shell commands or executing applications.
  • Cocoa Text
    Classes for styled text handling in Cocoa.
  • Cocoa Threading
    Classes for threading with Cocoa.
  • Cocoa Toolbar
    Cocoa classes for toolbars.
  • Collaboration
    Classes for the Collaboration framework on Mac OS X.
  • ColorSync
    Functions and classes for Colorsync. Includes color matching.
  • Common Types
    Common classes for a rectangle and a point.
  • Compression
    Functions for compressing and decompressing.
  • Contacts
    Newer Apple classes for Addressbook.
  • Continuity Camera
    Classes for Continuity Camera from macOS and document scan for iOS.
  • Controls
    Extensions to Xojo's controls (TabPanel, Checkbox, Radiobuttons).
  • CoreAnimation
    Mac OS X Core Animation classes.
  • CoreAudio
    Mac OS X core audio classes to play sounds.
  • CoreFoundation
    Data types for Mac OS X stuff like Addressbook, SpellChecking or IORegistry.
  • CoreFoundation Network
    The network stuff from Mac OS X with Sockets, SSL encryption and HTTPSockets.
  • CoreGraphics
    Mac OS X core graphics classes to read and write PDF files, draw into the dock icon and make windows transparent.
  • CoreGraphics Events
    Classes to catch events on macOS on a lower level.
  • CoreImage
    Mac OS X 10.4 Core Image classes for fast image processing.
  • CoreLocation
    Classes for determinating the lcoation of the Mac.
  • CoreML
    macOS 10.13 classes for machine learning.
  • CoreText
    Classes for CoreText, the base text framework from Apple.
  • CPUInfo
    Details on your computer CPU.
  • CUPS
    Access to the CUPS printing engine on Mac OS X and Linux.
  • CURL
    libcurl for downloading and uploading including FTP and FTPS, HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Currency, Date and Time Format
    Classes for details on localized time, data and currency formats.
  • Data Types
    Classes for optimized data types like dictionaries and sets.
  • DDE
    Functions for Windows Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). Usefull to add your application to the Start Menu.
  • Declare
    Classes for declares.
  • DirectShow
    Classes for video recording on Windows.
  • DiscRecording
    Classes to burn Audio- and Data CDs.
  • DNS
    Functions for DNS queries.
  • Dongle
    Software protection using dongles. (Hasp and Rockey)
  • Drag & Drop
    More on Drag & Drop than Xojo can do out of the box.
  • DVD Playback
    Plays DVD files on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).
  • DynamicDeclares
    Classes for dynamic declares to C libraries.
  • DynaPDF
    A set of classes to create PDFs crossplatform.
  • EmailParser
    Classes to parse emails and extract text and attachments
  • Encryption and Hash
    Encryption, decryption and hash functions.
  • Endian
    Functions to convert between low and bigendian data.
  • Exif
    Classes for reading EXIF metadata.
  • Filemapping and Shared Memory
    Classes for mapping large files in memory or using shared memory with other processes.
  • Files
    Functions and classes for handling files and volumes.
  • Folder Change Watching
    Classes for watching for changes on files and folders.
  • Fonts
    Classes to handle fonts.
  • GameKit
    Classes for Mac OS X 10.8 GameKit framework.
  • GIF
    Classes and functions for handling GIF picture files.
  • Graphics & Pictures
    Extensions to the picture and the graphics class.
  • GraphicsMagick
    Classes to use Graphics Magick for cross platform image processing.
  • Hotkey
    Get an event if a key combination is pressed.
  • HTMLViewer Linux
    Extensions to the HTMLViewer class for Linux with WebKit.
  • HTMLViewer Win
    Extensions to the HTMLViewer class for Windows supporting both Internet Explorer and WebKit with Chromium.
  • iCloud
    Classes related to Apple's iCloud service.
  • Icon Service
    Classes for drawing icons.
  • Image Capture
    Capture images from digital cameras and scanners on Mac OS X and Windows. (WIA)
  • Image Magick
    Classes to use Image Magick 6.9 for cross platform image processing.
  • ImageKit
    Mac OS X 10.5 Image Kit classes for easy image functions.
  • ImageMagick7
    Classes to use Image Magick 7.x for cross platform image processing.
  • Instant Message
    The classes to interface with iChat to get current status details.
  • IO Registry
    Detailed hardware information on Mac OS X.
  • iOS
    Classes and functions specific for iOS.
  • iTunes
    Classes to control iTunes 11 or newer.
  • Java
    Run Java code inside Xojo!
  • Java Database
    Classes for using JDBC to connect to databases.
  • JavaScript
    Execute JavaScript without HTMLViewer on Mac.
  • JavaScript Object Notation
    JSON, short for JavaScript Object Notation, is a lightweight computer data interchange format.
  • JPEG
    Classes and functions for handling JPEG picture files.
  • Keychain
    Classes for dealing with a keychain.
  • Large Picture
    A picture class for handling large pictures.
  • Launch Services
    The Mac OS X Launch Service launches applications with parameters.
  • LCMS2
    Colormatching without colorsync. Using the LCMS library in version 2.x.
  • LDAP
    Classes for LDAP queries (or Active Directory).
  • Licenses
    The licenses of libraries being part of the plugin collection.
  • Linguistic
    Classes for linguistic analysis on macOS.
  • Linux
    Linux only classes.
  • LMFit
    Class to run Levenberg-Marquardt least squares fitting algorithm.
  • Login Items
    Functions for the login items on Mac OS X.
  • Mac
    Mac specific classes.
  • MapKit
    Classes for using MapKit framework on Mac OS X.
  • MarkDown
    Markdown compile function to generate html and css.
  • Math
    Additional mathical functions for Xojo.
  • Media Keys
    Class to get media key events on Mac OS X.
  • MediaLibrary
    Classes for media library access to Photos, Movies and Music.
  • MemoryBlock
    Extensions for the Xojo MemoryBlock class.
  • Messages
    Send emails, iMessage or text messages using standard dialogs on iOS.
  • Midi
    Classes to handle Midi input and output for Mac, Windows and Crossplatform.
  • Mobile Ads
    Classes for Google Ads for iOS applications.
  • MongoDB
    Classes to access Mongo Databases.
  • Navigation
    Dialogs for choosing files, folders, volumes or objects.
  • Network
    Classes for networking. Informations on the ethernet adapters, Apple File Sharing control and SSH.
  • Nikon Cameras
    Classes to acquire images from Nikon digital cameras.
  • Notifications
    All notification classes.
  • OCR
    Optical Character Recognition
  • Open Directory
    The newer classes for MacOS for Open Directory (LDAP and Active Directory)
  • OpenCL
    Functions around the OpenCL framework.
  • PDFKit
    Cocoa classes for working on PDF files.
  • Phidgets
    Classes for the Phidget USB devices.
  • Photos
    Apple Photos Framework to access Photos library.
  • Pictures Import and Export
    Opening and saving pictures to files and strings with or without QuickTime.
  • PNG
    Classes and functions for handling PNG picture files.
  • Power
    Details about the internal batteries and notification about changes.
  • Printing iOS
    Classes for printing on iOS. Show print dialogs to pick printer and send a PDF to the printer.
  • Printing Mac
    Classes for printing on macOS.
  • Printing Windows
    Classes for printing on Windows. Enumerate available printers.
  • Process
    Information about processes and your application.
  • ProgressView
    Nice progress bar overlay for iOS applications.
  • Python
    A class to run python code in Xojo application.
  • Quartz Composer
    Classes for the Quartz Composer View.
  • QuickLook
    Use QuickLook, Apple's engine to generate previews of documents.
  • QuickTime
    Extensions to the RB built in movie class and the movieplayer control. Add a class to see which components of Xojo are installed.
  • RabbitMQ
    Classes to work with RabbitMQ library, a message-broker software.
  • RAMStream
    A binarystream inside memory.
  • RaspberryPiCamera
    Classes to use the camera on Raspberry Pi and other linux computers.
  • Registration
    Registration of this plugin.
  • Regular Expressions
    Very fast regular expression searches in Xojo.
  • Remote Control
    A class to simulate user keyboard input and utility functions to script other appplications.
  • Resolution
    Classes to change the current screen resolution.
  • RFC
    RFC Interface to SAP applications.
  • SATSolver
    The class for SAT Solver, a solver to the boolean satisfiability problem
  • SceneKit
    Classes for 3D graphics for MacOS with SceneKit and Metal frameworks
  • Scintilla
    An advanced source code editor control.
  • Screenshot
    Functions to make screenshots.
  • SerialPort
    Our version of a serial port control.
  • SFPassword
    The password assistant panel.
  • Sharing Panel
    Classes for iOS to run sharing panel
  • Shell
    Shell classes to run command line tools.
  • SmartCard
    PCSC interface to SmartCard readers.
  • Social
    Integration with social services (Twitter, Facebook and others)
  • Sort
    Sorting for Xojo arrays.
  • Spamsum
    A class to check if two emails are nearly equal. Can be used to detect SPAM Emails.
  • Sparkle
    A framework for Mac OS X to enable application to automatically update themselves.
  • Speech
    Classes for Text to Speech on Mac and Windows.
  • SpeechRecognition
    Speech Recognition API for MacOS Catalina.
  • Spell Checking
    Spell checking on macOS and Windows.
  • Spotlight
    Classes for the Spotlight search.
  • SQL
    Access to SQL databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix, InterBase, SQLBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC, SQLite).
  • Statusitem
    A global menu entry on the right side of the Mac OS X menubar (like the clock)
  • StoreKit
    StoreKit Classes to access the Mac App Store.
  • String
    String functions.
  • SVG
    Use ReSVG to render a SVG file to a picture.
  • System
    Extensions for the Xojo System class.
  • SystemConfiguration
    Details on the system configuration on a Mac OS X machine including the network settings.
  • Tapi
    Classes for controlling telephones on Windows.
  • Tidy
    The opensource html and xml cleanup tool.
  • TIFF
    Classes and functions for handling TIFF picture files.
  • Timecode
    Classes to work with time code audio streams.
  • TouchBar
    Classes for Macbook Pro TouchBar.
  • Twain
    Twain classes for scanning.
  • USB
    Everything around USB including HID interfaces.
  • User Notifications
    Classes for User Notifications on Mac OS.
  • Vision
    Classes for Apple's Vision framework to detect faces, barcodes and text.
  • VLC
    Classes for the libVLC, the library behind the VLC Media Player application.
  • WebKit2
    Extensions to the HTMLViewer class for Mac using WebKit 2.
  • WebView2
    Control to use Microsoft WebView2 browser based on Chrome in Xojo.
  • Window
    Extensions to Xojo's Windows class.
  • Windows
    Microsoft Windows specific classes
  • Windows Console
    A class to manage a console window on Windows.
  • Windows ICM
    The color matching classes for Windows.
  • Windows Location
    Classes for location for Windows.
  • Windows Media Foundation
    Play audio and video with Windows Media Foundation's player.
  • Windows Mutex
    A Windows Mutex object to check if the application is allready running.
  • Windows OCR
    Classes for built-in OCR on Windows.
  • Windows PDF
    Classes for built-in PDF support on Windows.
  • Windows Photos
    Windows Photos Acquire classes
  • Windows Registry
    Classes for the Windows Registry.
  • Windows Shortcuts
    Classes to create shortcuts on Windows.
  • Windows Store
    Classes for in-app purchases in Windows Store.
  • Windows System Tray
    Managing an icon inside the Windows System Tray.
  • Windows Taskbar State
    Informations about the Windows Taskbar.
  • WindowsML
    Windows 10 classes for machine learning.
  • WiringPi
    Module for WiringPi, a way to use GPIO on Raspberry Pi
  • Wordfile
    Replace text in a word file.
  • XL
    Classes for reading excel files.
  • XML
    XML related classes.
  • XMP
    Classes for Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)
  • XojoRuntime
    Functions to debug the Xojo runtime managing memory and objects.

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